3rd Annual Conference 2017
3rd – 5th October 2017
Crowne Plaza Hotel – Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland


P.WHITESIDE – Understanding and Managing the Risk of Physical Instability During Drug Product Design

R.FARLEY – Humidity Measurement in Stability Testing Applications

S.THIELGES – Introduction to the Accelerated Stability Assessment Program

T.ANDERSSON – Designing Stable Formulations

Z.FOLTYNOWICZ – New type of oxygen scavenger for pharmaceutical packaging

A.PAUDEL – Drug-excipient interactions in the solideo state. The role of different stress factors

E.DEBIE – Newest Regulatory experiences- IQ risk-based predictive stability update

E.VERHEYEN – IQ Risk-Based Predictive Stability Modeling Sub-team Update

E.VERHEYEN – Risk based predictive stability modelling to drive formulation change

G.SCRIVENS – Case Study_ Applying Accelerated Stability Assessment Program to Excursions, Formulation and Process Changes

G.SCRIVENS – Drug – Excipient Interactions_ The Effect of Drug Load and Humidity on Degradation Rate

G.SCRIVENS – Prediction of Solution Phase Stability

H.WILLIAMS – Accelerated Stability Assessment Program – Case Study for a tablet drug product

H.WILLIAMS – Applications of Predictive Stability in Early Development

J.ADOLPHS – Water vapor adsorption induced deformation of mesoporous materials

J.BRIGHT – Stability Prediction Modelling – Statistics Considerations

J.CAMPBELL – Degradation Mechanism Elucidation_ A Case Study in Leveraging Scientific Understanding to Design a Stable Drug Product

J.P.CHERVET – Electrochemical Degradation Approach for Forced Degradation Studies

K.WATERMAN – Justifying Shelf-Life when no degradation observed at accelerated conditions

K.WATERMAN – Oxygen Sensitivity Modelling and Packaging Implications

P.OCONNELL – Accelerated Stability Assessment Program – Case Study for a Gelatin Capsule Drug Product 1

S.BAERTSCHI – Overview of Pharmaceutical Oxidative Degradation Mechanisms

P.ROYALL – Stabilising amorphous formulations

G.STEPHENSON -Influence of Physical Form Change on Impurity Formation