Dr. Fenghe Qiu

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Dr. Fenghe Qiu is a Senior Principal Scientist in the Material and Analytical Sciences Department, Boehringer Ingelheim. He also serves as a member of the Development US GTI Advisory Council, Head of QC for Synthesis Materials and DEA Controlled Substance Monitor.

Fenghe received a BS degree in Chemistry from Shandong University and a Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry from Chinese Academy of Sciences. He authored/co-authored over 50 peer reviewed papers/book chapters, and made many presentations including over 25 invited presentations at various international/national conferences.

Prior to BI, Fenghe had several academic assignments including: Mass Spectrometry Lab Manager, Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University; Associate Professor, National Center of Biomedical Analysis of China. He also received a diploma from the First Artillery Academy in China and was an army captain prior to entering graduate school.